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Mayura Consultancy Hiring For Remote Full Stack Developer Job; Rs. 2 – 4 LPA CTC: Apply Now!

Mayura Consultancy is currently hiring for the position of Remote Full Stack Developer Job for the year of 2023. Below is a comprehensive guide containing all the essential details regarding this job opportunity at Mayura Consultancy.

About Mayura Consultancy

About Mayura Consultancy

Mayura Consultancy is the best IT and software development company helping companies across the globe to transform their business using cutting-edge technologies in mobility, data analytics, and user experience. Our deep expertise in retail, manufacturing, health, entertainment, education, and banking & financial services has helped companies realize exponential benefits.

Services offered by Mayura Consultancy include web design & development, mobile application development, data analytics solutions, digital marketing & SEO services, blockchain technology services, business consultation, software development, and software testing. Our readymade software products such as e-commerce marketplace, inventory management, school management system, POS, on-demand services, etc. help client businesses to automate and grow at 10x speed.

About the job

Key Responsibilities:

1. Design, develop, and implement user interfaces and user experiences for web applications
2. Create and maintain well-structured, reusable, and efficient code for both front-end and back-end components
3. Develop interactive and responsive user interfaces using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ajax, Jquery, and JavaScript frameworks
4. Collaborate with designers to ensure seamless integration of design elements into the user interface
5. Build and maintain server-side applications using programming languages such as PHP, Codeigniter, SQL, and Laravel
6. Design and optimize databases, write efficient queries, and manage data storage and retrieval

7. Develop APIs (application programming interfaces) for seamless communication between front-end and back-end systems
8. Ensure API security, performance, and adherence to industry standards
9. Use version control systems (e.g., Git) to manage code repositories and collaborate with team members
10. Deploy applications to production environments and manage continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines
11. Write unit tests and integration tests, and perform debugging to ensure the reliability and quality of the software
12. Collaborate with quality assurance teams to identify and fix bugs and issues
13. Monitor and optimize application performance, including front-end rendering, back-end response times, and database queries
14. Work closely with product managers, designers, and other developers to translate requirements into technical solutions

Required Skill

  1. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML):
    • Used for creating dynamic and asynchronous web pages.
    • Enables data to be loaded in the background, allowing for smoother user experiences.
  2. Bootstrap:
    • A front-end framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites.
    • Provides a set of pre-designed components and styles to streamline the development process.
  3. CodeIgniter:
    • A PHP web framework used for building dynamic web applications.
    • Follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern.
  4. HTML & CSS:
    • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): Used for structuring web content.
    • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): Used for styling and formatting web pages.
  5. JavaScript:
    • A scripting language that enables interactive web pages.
    • Can be used for client-side scripting to create dynamic content.
  6. PHP:
    • A server-side scripting language used for web development.
    • Often used to interact with databases and perform server-side tasks.
  7. SQL (Structured Query Language):
    • Used for managing and manipulating relational databases.
    • Essential for storing, retrieving, updating, and deleting data in databases.

These skills collectively suggest a proficiency in both front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap) and back-end (PHP, CodeIgniter, SQL) web development. With this skill set, you are well-equipped to develop dynamic and responsive web applications.


Work From Home(Remote)

Who can apply

1. MCA (CS or computer science)


Annual CTC: ₹ 2,00,000 – 4,00,000 /year


Health Insurance

Number of openings


Deadline to Apply

The last date of applying for this job is 25 Nov 2023.

How To Apply For This Job?

To apply for this Remote Full Stack Developer Job at Mayura Consultancy, Click here.


Embark on your journey as a remote full stack developer with Mayura Consultancy. The opportunities are vast, the culture is inclusive, and the future is bright. Take the next step towards a fulfilling career.


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