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Zigsaw Consultancy Hiring For Backend Developer Job; Rs. 2.40 – 4.20 LPA CTC: Apply Now!

Zigsaw Consultancy is currently hiring for the position of Backend Developer Job for the year of 2023. Below is a comprehensive guide containing all the essential details regarding this job opportunity at Zigsaw Consultancy.

About Zigsaw Consultancy

Recruitment has been a complex problem in the 20th century. With our entry into the start-up era, both employees and organizations have become more dynamic in nature which has complicated it even more. We are not scared to say that all those who have tried this space earlier have failed, and yet we are confident of our efforts. We have a simple vision to facilitate an easy job search for job seekers and best-fit candidates for employers. 

We, at Zigsaw, are creating a revolution. We are creating an open community to facilitate jobs and job seekers in your city. At large, it would help in eradicating unemployment from your city and be a baby step to pushing your city towards prosperity. While our resources are free and open to use for all, most of our employees work on a voluntary basis.

About the job

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Task Assignment and Follow-up:
    • Assign tasks to team members based on their strengths and expertise.
    • Regularly follow up to ensure tasks are progressing as planned.
    • Foster a collaborative environment by encouraging open communication about task-related challenges and successes.
  2. Taking Responsibility:
    • Demonstrate ownership of projects and tasks assigned.
    • Actively seek solutions to problems and challenges without constant supervision.
    • Take accountability for both individual and team performance.
  3. Motivation and Team Communication:
    • Motivate team members by recognizing achievements and providing constructive feedback.
    • Foster a positive team culture through effective communication and active listening.
    • Address conflicts promptly and facilitate resolution within the team.
  4. Staying Updated with Technology:
    • Keep abreast of emerging technologies and industry trends relevant to the team’s projects.
    • Share acquired knowledge with the team to enhance overall skill sets.
    • Encourage continuous learning and professional development among team members.
  5. Implementing Best Practices for SQL Databases and Logic Development:
    • Establish and enforce best practices for SQL database design, development, and maintenance.
    • Ensure the team follows coding standards and logical structuring in software development.
    • Conduct regular code reviews to maintain code quality and consistency.
  6. Coordinating with Development Timelines and Company Goals:
    • Collaborate with project managers to align development timelines with overall project milestones.
    • Ensure that team efforts contribute to the achievement of company goals and objectives.
    • Communicate effectively with cross-functional teams to synchronize efforts and maintain project cohesion.

Required Skill

The required skills for this role include:

  1. Laravel:
    • Proficient in Laravel, a popular PHP web application framework.
    • Experience in developing, maintaining, and optimizing Laravel-based applications.
    • Knowledge of Laravel’s features, such as Eloquent ORM, Blade templating engine, and Artisan command-line interface.
  2. MySQL:
    • Strong expertise in MySQL database management.
    • Ability to design and optimize database schemas.
    • Experience in writing complex SQL queries and stored procedures.
  3. PHP:
    • In-depth knowledge of PHP programming language.
    • Proficiency in writing clean, well-documented, and efficient PHP code.
    • Familiarity with PHP frameworks and best practices.

These skills collectively enable the candidate to effectively contribute to the development, maintenance, and optimization of web applications, particularly those built on the Laravel framework. The candidate should also be adept at working with MySQL databases and possess a strong foundation in PHP programming.



Who can apply

1. Excellent logic and development skills.
2. Effective time and task management skills.
3. Strong relationship management skills.
4. Proficient in employee management.
5. Ability to explain work effectively to other team members.
6. Solid knowledge of PHP and its framework.
7. Proficiency in using search tools like Google, StackOverflow, GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.
8. Competency in IDE tools such as VSCode, Chrome, PhpStorm, MS-Word, etc.
9. Strong knowledge of SQL databases, MySQL Workbench, WampServer, and local development environments.
10. Extensive knowledge of the Laravel framework.
11. Proficiency in debugging code.


Annual CTC: ₹ 2,40,000 – 4,20,000 /year


5 days a week

Free snacks & beverages

Number of openings


Deadline to Apply

The last date of applying for this job is 25 Nov 2023.

How To Apply For This Job?

To apply for this Backend Developer Job at Zigsaw Consultancy, Click here.


Zigsaw Consultancy’s commitment to excellence in backend development creates a unique opportunity for aspiring professionals. If you’re ready to contribute to innovative projects, grow in a supportive environment, and be part of a company shaping the future, Zigsaw Consultancy is the place for you.


What skills does Zigsaw prioritize?

Zigsaw Consultancy values a mix of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and the ability to collaborate within a team.

Is remote work an option?

Zigsaw recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible remote work options.

Can fresh graduates apply?

Yes, Zigsaw encourages fresh talent to apply and offers comprehensive training programs.

What sets Zigsaw Consultancy apart as an employer?

Zigsaw Consultancy stands out for its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and employee well-being.

How does Zigsaw support employee growth?

Zigsaw invests in employee development programs and provides ample opportunities for career advancement.

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